All People Deserve Safety and Dignity!
Join Us in Building a Safer California for All

Transgender people in California and around the country face serious discrimination and frequent violence simply for being who they are. In state capitols across the country, proposals to single out transgender and gender non-conforming people with unfair treatment and blatant discrimination are being proposed and too-often passed.

TRANSFORM California fights to ensure a state where all people are treated as they would like to be treated, including our transgender and gender nonconforming friends, neighbors and family members.

I pledge to oppose any efforts to single out transgender or gender non-conforming Californians for discrimination or disrespect.  I pledge to learn and share more about the lives of transgender people in California and the issues they face.

Together, we can TRANSFORM misunderstandings and build a safer more respectful California for all.

Everyone deserves to live their life as who they are, and that means all of us uniting and taking action to support the dignity of all people; that means rejecting words and actions that diminish or demean transgender and gender non-conforming people.